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                      September 5, 2016

                      Resisting the Site C Dam

                      September 5, 2016

                      Standoff at Gustafsen Lake

                      September 5, 2016

                      The Voice from Sutikalh

                      August 21, 2016

                      The Global Crisis & Reconciliation

                      August 21, 2016


                      August 21, 2016

                      Experiencing Colonization and Decolonization Efforts

                      By Tami Starlight, Two Spirit, low income, able bodied (with invisible disabilities), Cree elder from the Peguis Nation with some Norwegian ancestry due to mother marrying outside the nation

                      August 21, 2016


                      August 21, 2016

                      "Idle Hands"

                      A poem

                      August 21, 2016


                      A poem

                      August 21, 2016

                      The Truth & Reconciliation Commission Fails to Hold Perpetrators Responsible


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                      The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada. It aims to provide accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to its readers and the subjects it tackles. Taking its name from Canada's official status as both a colony and a colonial force, the Dominion examines politics, culture and daily life with a view to understanding the exercise of power.

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                      The Dominion Newspaper Co-operative

                      Editorial Collective
                      Roddy Doucet
                      Miles Howe
                      Nat Marshik
                      Tim McSorley
                      Dawn Paley

                      Correy Baldwin
                      Sandra Cuffe
                      Stefanie Gude
                      Stephanie Law
                      Hillary Lindsay
                      Martin Lukacs
                      Michèle Marchand
                      Dave Mitchell
                      Dru Oja Jay
                      Moira Peters
                      Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

                      Board of Directors
                      Crystal Hajjar (contributor)
                      Sharmeen Khan (reader)
                      Dru Oja Jay (editor)
                      Dawn Paley (editor)
                      Tim McSorley (editor)
                      Stéfanie Clermont (Montreal)
                      Maryann Abbs (Vancouver)
                      Justin Saunders (Toronto)

                      Copy Editing Co-ordinator
                      Ashley Fortier

                      Copy Editors
                      Claire Abraham, Julia Alsop, Laurent Bastien Corbeil, Joel Butler, Oliver Fugler, Simon Granovsky-Larsen, Alison Jacques, Caitlin Manicom, David Markland, Kendra Martin, David Parkinson, Lisa Richmond, Nora Samaran, Tessa Vikander

                      Fact Checkers
                      Garson Hunter, Alison Jacques, Nadeem Lawji, Tamkinat Mirza, Arij Riahi

                      Contributing Illustrators
                      Sam Bradd, Caitlin Crawshaw, Emily Davidson, Nidal El-Khairy, Matt Forsythe, Allan Cedillo Lissner, Frances MacKenzie, Sylvia Nickerson, Sophie Price, Jesse Purcell, James Rodriguez, Dave Ron, Angela Sterritt, Ryan James Terry

                      Comic Artist
                      Heather Meek

                      Graphic Designer
                      ALL CAPS Design

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